Real or not, they will be your:

  • Language Tutor
  • Tech Guy
  • Career Advisor
  • Personal Trainer
  • Travel Buddy
  • Financial Advisor
  • Social Media
  • Parenting Coach

Sophie 🇩🇪 26

Social Media Influencer

A trendsetter in fashion and beauty on social media. Loves discussing the latest trends, makeup tutorials and the impact of social media on society.

Frequently asked questions

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Are they really humans?
Realistics are created using the latest AI technology. This is just version 1; our goal is to improve the app until the distinction becomes impossible.
How do I use the app?
Just by chatting. You can send text messages, and they'll reply back in text. Or you can record your voice using your mic, and they'll answer in audio.
Is it only for iOS?
Not yet, we are currently Beta launching it for iOS only (iPhones and iPads). We'll soon have it working on Android and web browsers as well.
What utility does it have?
Imagine being able to ask questions to an expert on any topic. Or just chat with someone from another country. Or even practice a new language. The possibilities are endless.
Can I try it for free?
We have a free trial, so you can test several available Realistics. We have a Text Plan for unlimited text messages, and an Audio Plan with unlimited audio and text messages.
What if I fall in love?
We expect that to happen. But we still don't know how to deal with it. Let us know when you are ready to marry your Realistic. We'll figure it out together.